The action of checking computers, systems and network systems is known as network monitoring. A network monitor is a part of the Microsoft Systems Management Server (SMS). Network monitors manage Wide Area Networks (WAN), Local Area Networks (LAN), servers, switches, applications and more. Network monitoring helps network administrators to improve their network. Network monitors provide the information about network problems, and also provide information on how to improve networks. Network monitors allow the bringing forth of log files and charts of performance that are assigned to check a system's responses and capabilities.

Conducting network monitoring with proper software is the best thing. Proper network monitor software can identify future and present problems with the network. Network monitors perpetually monitor computer networks for failing or slow systems, and in case of outages via pagers or e-mails, they notify the administrators.

In the case of network problems or network failure, network monitors automatically tell the network administrator about it and compose expanded log files. Network monitors also takes correct action by rebooting the system or running a script. Problems caused by crashed or overloaded servers or network connections are monitored by network monitors. To ensure the condition of an e-mail server, network monitor software sends a test message through Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP), which is received by Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). To ensure the condition of a web server, network monitor software sends HTTP a request to get a page.

With a network monitor, users can monitor any IP-networked device on his LAN. Most network monitors have the ability to detect a wide range of issues, like failed logins, someone using particular protocols, or connecting to particular sites. Most network monitors supervise Internet usage and also register fingerprints of each and every network connection in its database. Using a network monitor, a user can trace out worms, browser toolbars, viruses, plug-ins and more. A built-in pager and e-mail alarm keeps the network administrator informed on important situations.

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